Thursday, June 23, 2011

Take a fresh look at a problem and amazing things happen

Mindsets are sticky things. Once one takes hold, it takes conscious effort to change it. You need to decide to look at a situation with new eyes.

Revolutionary changes happen when one takes a fresh look at a problem, rather than accepting other people's thoughts/opinions/directions on the matter (the iPhone is a prime example).

Revolutionary changes are somewhat rare, not due to a lack of possibilities, but rather due to the inherent effort involved in thinking freshly.

Lytro is about to revolutionize the digital camera industry by bringing their light field camera technology to the market. Lytro changes the game: rather than a race to add megapixels to cameras, they've decided to completely rethink how a camera focuses, and it invented a mind blowing technology that allows you to set the focus of a picture after the picture has been taken. Check out this write up at All Things D.

Kudos to Lytro for breaking out of everyone else's thoughts and opinions about the camera industry and coming up with their own ideas.

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