Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Building Interdisciplinary Teams

No one department can make an organization successful. It is the sum of the parts that ensures success. Interdisciplinary teams work for companies of all sizes, especially global ones, and we recommend cross-functional and cross-cultural teams to: (1) review all strategies; (2) take ownership in all activities; and (3) define and guide messaging.

The benefits off cross-functional organizations are:
  1. Reduce redundancy of efforts;
  2. Lowers operating costs;
  3. Streamlines processes;
  4. Increases value in the eyes of customers;
  5. Cross-education leads to higher productivity;
  6. Empowers teams to think outside their immediate expertise, which adds to innovative ideas
  7. Provides transparency and accountability
  8. Forces delivery on commitments (peer pressure).
Building interdisciplinary Teams is a game changer, especially in this economy. Talent wins games, but teamwork, focus, passion and intelligence wins championships.

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