Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting Pissed Off Is Not A Plan. Seize The Moment.

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a colleague, Ramsey Poston, who was fortunate to be mentored by Jody Powell, Press Secretary to President Carter. He said Jody had 10 great sayings, but his favorite had become a way of life for him.  "Being pissed off is not a strategy. Help clients get from anger to something more productive."   Ramsey actually improved on Jody's message, simplifying it even more "Getting pissed off is not a plan".  This is now one of my favorite mantras, and one I will pass on to my friends and business associates, when they lose focus on what is important in life, and are stuck in the moment.

I was fortunate to have been adopted/mentored by Mrs. Rosa Parks.  The biggest lesson she taught me was to “seize the moment”.   Utilize every breathing moment you have, in carrying out your message and mission in life.  Although Mrs. Parks and Jody Powell's lessons are seemingly different, they are both remarkably simple.

Achieving your goals, whether personal -- or with your brand -- is easy if you keep these simple words, in your mind’s eye, always:  Getting pissed off is not a plan.  Seize the moment.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why Bad Reviews Are Good For Business

I run several business. One is a restaurant. In the past year, we have received some bad reviews on the internet. While many of them are from vendetta driven fired employees, when the bad reviews are real reviews, meaning from genuine customers, I am actually quite happy.

Why would getting a one, two or three star review make me happy? Because knowing enables change. So many times in life you think things are great, because you choose not to look at them -- or you are too busy to see them. Unhappy clients force you to re-evaluate who you are, where you are going, and who you want to become! I embrace every bad review as good. That's the key to positive evolution. Our restaurant business has improved because we listened and acted on the bad reviews. We have even gone so far to ask people who have given us bad reviews for clarification and suggestions on how to make things better. Their feedback has been fabulous and productive.

So embrace bad reviews, learn from them, and utilize them to your advantage!