Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting Pissed Off Is Not A Plan. Seize The Moment.

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a colleague, Ramsey Poston, who was fortunate to be mentored by Jody Powell, Press Secretary to President Carter. He said Jody had 10 great sayings, but his favorite had become a way of life for him.  "Being pissed off is not a strategy. Help clients get from anger to something more productive."   Ramsey actually improved on Jody's message, simplifying it even more "Getting pissed off is not a plan".  This is now one of my favorite mantras, and one I will pass on to my friends and business associates, when they lose focus on what is important in life, and are stuck in the moment.

I was fortunate to have been adopted/mentored by Mrs. Rosa Parks.  The biggest lesson she taught me was to “seize the moment”.   Utilize every breathing moment you have, in carrying out your message and mission in life.  Although Mrs. Parks and Jody Powell's lessons are seemingly different, they are both remarkably simple.

Achieving your goals, whether personal -- or with your brand -- is easy if you keep these simple words, in your mind’s eye, always:  Getting pissed off is not a plan.  Seize the moment.

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  1. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been my greatest hope as an example of one who lives their vision through the power we all have available to plug into. Yet I regret of late that my mantra too, of "seize the moment" was not enforced when I stayed for such a short time at your sanctuary for the soul. I thank you for my spirit's rejoicing when I see your continual devotion to those things that come from our creative souce, to those things delightful and truly meaningful in this fast and furious time we are in. (I write this wishing i could free my spirit to fly...knowing I am going in the right direction.) hugs, donna novak-martin


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